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Wo/Men's Alliance for Medical Marijuana (WAMM)
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  1.   Valerie Corral

  2.   RIP Eladio V. Acosta (of cancer)

  3.   Jennifer Lee Hentz

  4.   Harold F. Margolin

  5.   Levi Castro - Quadriplegic &  business
      owner More soon...

  6.   RIP Dorothy Gibbs
      (of Post-polio complications)

  7.   RIP James Daniel Baehr

  8.   RIP Michael Cheslosky
      (of AIDS/Bone Cancer)


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  Arnold S. Leff M.D.

  Earnest H. Rosenbaum M.D.

  Harvey L. Rose, M.D.

  Neil Flynn, M.D.

  Robert Brody, M.D.


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Wo/Menís Alliance for Medical Marijuana

A public benefit organization


                      309 Cedar Street #39   Santa  Cruz, CA 95060   ph/fax (831) 423-5413

The Wo/Menís Alliance for Medical Marijuana operates pursuant to our Articles of Incorporation and in accordance with California State mandate HS11362.5, Proposition 215 & Santa Cruz City Ordinance SC2000-06 & SC2000-12.




Section 1

Any seriously ill person, with a recommendation from his/her physician may seek participation in the organization. It is a requirement that a doctor monitor a participant while using medical marijuana as a member of WAMM.

Section 2

All participants and their physicians will be treated with the utmost respect. All matters concerning participants are confidential. WAMM shall employ every opportunity to protect the privacy and identity of our participants and their physicians. Neither WAMM our staff, nor our Board of Directors shall be liable for any breach thereof.

Section 3       

All participants must complete any and all forms that are required by WAMM in order to be considered for participation. Each patient may assign a caregiver to serve for one year who will act behalf of the patient and in compliance with the tenets of WAMM. Section 4

No person shall be refused participation based on financial capability, and services are not dependent on ability to pay for medicine nor based on any individual or group identified characteristic. A sliding scale membership fee of $25.00-$100.00 is requested from each participant to cover administrative costs.

Section 5

For the purpose of identification, it is necessary to produce a valid California driverís license, I.D. Card, or passport. Any person under the age of 18 shall be considered for membership only with the consent of a parent or guardian and a physicianís recommendation.

Section 6

Under no circumstances shall any participant of WAMM or his/her caregiver participate in the sale or supply of marijuana to any person(s). All medical marijuana provided by WAMM or grown under the WAMM Cultivation Partnership Program (CPP) shall be used by the patient for his/her express use only.

Section 7

If any participant misuses the services of WAMM, or misrepresents his/her membership such action is cause for immediate termination of participation. Participants must act discreetly applying decorum and etiquette in accordance with the principles of the safe and responsible medical marijuana use.

Section 8

Only participants, their families and caregivers are allowed to attend any supply site or meeting. Any other person or guest is required to seek approval prior to attending a WAMM meeting. The general public may attend WAMM Board of Directorís meetings in accordance with Robertís Rules of Order.

Section 9

Each participant shall be restricted solely to the services of WAMM. Participation in other medical marijuana programs, buyer's clubs or provider organizations without consent from the board of directors, may be terms for revocation.

Section 10

Individual allotment of medical marijuana to participants may vary from time to time. Readjustments of allotment will be based on a participantís doctorís recommendation and/or emergency need.



Section 1

For the purpose of identification, it is necessary for the caregiver to produce a valid California driverís license. I.D. Card, or passport and caregivers shall be named by the participant or be acting as legal guardian for the participant. No person under the age of 18 shall be considered as a caregiver excepting approval of special circumstances.

Section 2

All caregivers must complete any and all forms required by WAMM. Any caregiver misusing the services of WAMM, or misrepresenting his/her position as caregiver will be terminated as a liaison for WAMM client. Caregivers must act discreetly. A caregiver may serve for no less than one year. WAMM reserves the right to deny inclusion of any caregiver for any reason.



Section 1

In order to be an effective organization and to address the evolving nature of compassionate access to medical marijuana, WAMM must integrate our philosophies to best serve participants. Culture by definition is ďthe state of being ableĒ and is, therefore, always in a state of change.

Section 2

There exist essential elements that define any organization as culturally competent. It is WAMMís intention to function as a competent system noting that we must include the following principles to address cultural competency:

            -Value diversity;

            -Posses the capacity for cultural self-assessment;

            -Be conscious of the dynamics inherent when cultures interact;

            -Institutionalize cultural knowledge;

            -Develop adaptations to diversity;

            -Create and implement plans to foster and support cultural richness;

            -Respond and adapt to the ever changing current of cultures.

Section 3

It is in the best interest of the Wo/Menís Alliance for Medical Marijuana, our participants and the community as a whole to develop knowledge and skills that prepare our board, staff, participants, caregivers, grantors and any related agents and their services for the diversity that exists within our population. It is imperative that we continue to assess and develop our public benefit organization to include diversity in its constant state of flux.

Section 4

Guidelines for the Wo/Menís Alliance for Medical Marijuana are ever changing. Our primary goals is to serve patients in the relief of their suffering so as to mitigate the effects associated with the problems that arise when a person is terminally ill.

Section 5

In the event of arrest a patient is protected by the Necessity Defense and in the state of California by HS11362.5, Prop. 215. and SC2000-06 and SC2000-12.                                                                                     

*Please sign below to acknowledge that you have read, understand and will comply with the tenets of WAMM.

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