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The facts about: the County of Santa Cruz et. al. vs. Gonzales et. al


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  1.   Valerie Corral

  2.   RIP Eladio V. Acosta (of cancer)

  3.   Jennifer Lee Hentz

  4.   Harold F. Margolin

  5.   Levi Castro - Quadriplegic &  business
      owner More soon...

  6.   RIP Dorothy Gibbs
      (of Post-polio complications)

  7.   RIP James Daniel Baehr

  8.   RIP Michael Cheslosky
      (of AIDS/Bone Cancer)


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Plaintiff Biographies:
County of Santa Cruz et. al. v. Gonzales et. al.

These plaintiffs claim that the constitution prevents the feds from interfering with patient's rights.

Harold Margolin developed a massive edema after a double cervical fusion operation, and was later diagnosed with chronic peripheral neuropathy. Harold experienced a loss of muscle control after using the conventional medication Neurontin to control his pain. When he does not use Medical Marijuana, Harold suffers from debilitating pain that prevents him from being active. With Medical Marijuana, Harold is able to live a very active life, walking, exercising and volunteering for the community.
The Alliance for Human Research Protection a non-profit organization, has a lot to say about the dangers of Neurontin.
Read a report submitted to the NIH regarding Marijuana and AIDS.

Read marijuana testimonials from AIDS patients.

RIP -- Unfortunately Michael died from AIDS and Bone Cancer

Michael Cheslosky
was diagnosed with HIV/AIDS in 1983, and since then has suffered from debilitating side-effects as well as several other chronic medical conditions, including Kaposi’s Sarcoma and Hepatitis C.  Michael experiences recurrent pneumonia, chronic pain and wasting syndrome as a result of his illness.  Michael started using medical marijuana to help treat his nausea, and chronic pain and has found it to be more effective than any of the other treatments he has tried. Additionally, Michael speaks

throughout Santa Cruz about his experience with HIV/AIDS, and has found that his use of medical marijuana has had a positive impact on his ability to serve the community.

RIP -- Unfortunately Dorothy died from post-Polio complications

Dorothy Gibbs is the oldest member of WAMM, at age 93.  Dorothy suffers from Post-Polio Syndrome, which has caused permanent damage in her legs, spine, and back.  She has been in nearly constant pain for decades and homebound for several years.  Her physician has prescribed various medications for her over the years, but they either did not work or caused harmful and debilitating side effects. When Dorothy began using medical marijuana at the age of 86, she almost immediately experienced its positive effects on her pain and nausea.  Dorothy believes that she should have the right to use anything that may help to relieve her pain, and that her last years, months and days should not be spent suffering. 

Educate yourself concerning  Marijuana myths

Every day is a hard day's work when you grow people's medicine.
RIP -- Unfortunately Eladio died from complications around throat cancer.
Eladio Acosta
suffers from throat cancer.  Medical marijuana is the only medication that stimulates his suppressed appetite and alleviates his chronic and severe pain – all symptoms of his cancer and side effects of his conventional treatment. Eladio is a 54 year old native of the Phillipines, who never smoked marijuana before using it for medical purposes.
Valerie Corral was in an automobile accident at the age of 20 suffering a severe closed head trauma and subsequent grand mal seizures.  Doctors prescribed a myriad of anticonvulsants and pain medications which were unsuccessful in preventing seizures and were only minimally successful in reducing her pain.  The medications also sedated Valerie to a near vegetative state.  Valerie’s use of medical marijuana has controlled her seizures and restored normalcy to her life; she can now do virtually everything that she did before her accident.  Valerie and Mike Corral
Valerie started WAMM with her husband, Michael, in the mid 1990’s to help other low-income patients be able to access medical marijuana in a safe and supportive environment.
Jennifer Lee Hentz was diagnosed at 35 years of age with Stage IV colon and lymph node cancer.  She suffers intense pain from the cancer, and every round of chemotherapy brings on waves of nausea that leave her doubling over with pain. Jennifer uses medical marijuana to relieve these symptoms as well as to keep down the other traditional medicines that she must take. 

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