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Wo/Men's Alliance for Medical Marijuana (WAMM)
The facts about: the County of Santa Cruz et. al. vs. Gonzales et. al


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Meet the Plaintiffs

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  1.   Valerie Corral

  2.   RIP Eladio V. Acosta (of cancer)

  3.   Jennifer Lee Hentz

  4.   Harold F. Margolin

  5.   Levi Castro - Quadriplegic &  business
      owner More soon...

  6.   RIP Dorothy Gibbs
      (of Post-polio complications)

  7.   RIP James Daniel Baehr

  8.   RIP Michael Cheslosky
      (of AIDS/Bone Cancer)


Supportive Pleadings

  Arnold S. Leff M.D.

  Earnest H. Rosenbaum M.D.

  Harvey L. Rose, M.D.

  Neil Flynn, M.D.

  Robert Brody, M.D.


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About us

This site was created by Webmasters who donated their time in order to keep you informed. We believe in WAMM and we believe that the DEA is wrong to have any say at all in monitoring medicines that help people.

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What is WAMM?

  • The Wo/Menís Alliance for Medical Marijuana (WAMM) is a collective that provides a safe, affordable medical marijuana to itís members, all of whom suffer from chronic pain conditions and/or terminal illnesses.  WAMM was started by Valerie and Michael Corral.

  • WAMM is located in Santa Cruz, California and has approximately 170 members.  Membership is based upon demonstrated medical need as well as a physicianís recommendation.  WAMM is a volunteer organization funded by private donations; WAMM members do not pay for the medicine they receive. Furthermore, members are required to use their medicine within California.

  • WAMM is unique in that every patient member and/or his or her caregiver participates actively in the cultivation of the medicine, preparing it for patient use, or the administration of WAMM.  WAMMís effectiveness is based in large part in the strong community that provides members with pier support and assistance in time of need. Visit WAMM too.

Take Action

Remind and re-remind those politicians and media representatives speaking on your behalf that medical marijuana helps sick and dying people. It is wrong and unjust to deny these people their medicine. You are using legal means to try and change a bad law.

Many sites exist today that allow you to take quick action for free such as sending an email. One very good one is: where you can send an email/mail to your local media/representative after entering your zip code.


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