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The facts about: the County of Santa Cruz et. al. vs. the DEA et. al


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Why is a California County suing the Federal Government?


Professor Gerald Uelmen of Santa Clara University School of Law together with the prestigious law firms, Drug Policy Alliance, Bingham McCutchen, the ACLU's Drug Law Reform Policy, with local attorney Ben Rice acting as counsel for the City and County of Santa Cruz and WAMM.  Our lawsuit names eight individuals, our collective and our city and county in a lawsuit against US Attorney General Alberto Gonzales, John P. Walters, Director of National Drug Control Policy,   Drug Enforcement Administrator, Karen Tandy and 30 unnamed and armed DEA agents. Plaintiffs claim that the constitution prevents the federal government from interfering with patient's rights and that under state law patients  with a doctor's recommendation have the right to access medical marijuana without interference from federal agents. Attorneys for the plaintiffs will argue 10th Amendment, Substantive Due Process, and the Necessity Defense.

Why is this case so important?


Never before has a city or county joined a medical marijuana organization as plaintiffs in a lawsuit against the federal government. The City of Santa Cruz has deputized Valerie And Mike Corral, making them agents of the City. The Corrals and WAMM work closely with city and county government to promote their collective model, offering medicine at no cost to members, who consist of primarily of terminally ill patients and their caregivers.


Cathy, a long time WAMM member, holding sissors. Because she smokes marijuana, the pain of her arthritis is greatly reduced. She helps out in the garden whenever she can.

The world watches WAMM and local government officials give cooperative’s members their weekly pot allotment on the steps of City Hall in Santa Cruz, CA.

Sept. 17th, 2003 WAMM patient, Robert Anton Wilson, in order to reduce the daily  pain of post polio syndrome, picks up his weekly supply of Medical Marijuana in front of Santa Cruz City Hall and millions of people around the world.

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